2012-2013, Chile

A short but beautiful ride on the mountain bicycle of a "parcela" keeper outside Santiago.



2012 A bicycle Plant

2012 A frosty morning

Cyclists have been blessed with these mild winter days.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by bicycle

I absolutely loved the ride from Manhattan to the Brooklyn Museum of Art!
Riverside Park South
Ride the Hudson Park heading South. Follow the good signage.  There are lots of bike lanes in Brooklyn...and it is worthwhile to check out the Eastern Parkway.

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Cafe Ezra's crazy maniquin -- Only in Toronto

This is a crazy story: The cafe manager let me fix the belt of the maniquin and I put my helmet on her. The maniquin must have gotten upset at me...because after two hrs at the patio she threw herself and almost fell on my head. Crazy maniquin!

Toronto in 1 shot

Across the AGO

Sonic Espresso Cafe, Toronto -- A Flying bike

....a must visit cafe at the corner of Spadina & Cecil.

2011 Sugar Beach, downtown Toronto

30o C  May 31st

Sugar Beach, at the foot of Queen's Quay & Sherbourne, Toronto

2011 Toronto - Lake Simcoe Return, 210 Km

A great weekend riding with Cycle Canada.
Good food, nice group.... No pictures but here is a map

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The undecided....

Sharrows on Bloor, Toronto

Toronto, This is the thing with the sharrows : cars ignore them.
See what I say?

-13 oC Toronto, the last ride of this year?

I have been saying this since the beginning of November. But now it is true. I am putting the Fuji away.

Toronto, Hart House Dec/10

Sooooo proud of myself.
First time I ride this far into the a -3 oC that felt like -10.
Ready for the winter?

2010 Toronto's Harbourfront

Toronto's  psychic space.

The complexity of straightness.

2010 Paris Velib

Voila, les parisiens/ennes --ils ont le truc!
No need to have a permanent address to rent a "velo" from the velib system in Paris. I loved the designated lanes. The velib is everywhere and near metro stations. Steffi and I went for a short  ride --I am still waiting for Steffi's pics. In the meantime here is one of a morning breakfast.

2010 Barcelona: two wheels, si!

Los conductores son locos...pero locos de remate!
Un motociclista por molestar me tiro la moto solo para verme la cara de susto. Sin embargo, hay vias ciclables pero muy muy pocas. It is suicidal to ride a bicycle in downtown. Ademas, exigen que los usuarios tengan un domicilio permanente.