Ontario builds "400 highways" to that its citizens can develop fatty tissue around their bellies (our bellies?).

I am a car-less. I started to get frustrated as the access of me + my bike in any "via rail" or all "GO" trains is restricted. I am not sure if you have tried it yourself, but getting around the province with your bike is quite a task. For instance, I wanted to go to Niagara Falls by VIA train, but this "corridor" does not allow bikes in the train. (year 2003, before the existence of the "bike train".

Disassembling my bike -as Greyhound asked me to do- is too much asking if you are planning a short ride  outside of Toronto.

(Picture: the beautiful eyes of my 3-year old
nephew Mateo Anaya. He lives in Rocherster, NY).

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