2006 Bicycle Related Movies, Music, Books

  • The Bicycle Thief -Score: 9/10; it is about emotions; survival; do not expect competition or that kind of stuff (1949).
  • 2 Seconds - Score = 9/10; good stuff; funny at times; more importantly, it is made in Canada, 1990s)
  • Je Reste= 6/10; it is a light movie, funny at times, bike freaks must watch this one. France (1990s)?
  • "My Bike & Other Friends" (Henry Miller, yeap, believe it or not!)
  • "I Want to Ride Bicycle" (Queen's CD)
  • "A Ride for a Wife" (haven't seen it)
  • "Wheels of Chance" (1896)
  • "Bicycle Tips" book (Ed Pavleska)
  • "The Canadian Cycling Association's Complete Guide to Bicycle Touring in Canada" book (Katz, Elliot)
  • "Bike Cult The Ultimate Guide to Human-Powered Vehicles" book (David B. Perry)
  • "Breaking Away" movie (watched: 7.9/10); USA (1970s?)
  • "Quicksilver" movie (not watched yet)


Tuco said...

Hi Zora, nice blog! Wow, you take a lot of cycling photos - even when I want to photograph something, it takes me a few days to remember to pack the camera.
We're doing basically the same thing it looks like, documenting the life of a cyclist in toronto. Try

Take care! Chris.

Tuco said...

Just FYI - check out "Breaking Away" and "Quicksilver" as well. : )

Anonymous said...

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