2006 David B. Perry's "Bike Cult"

Picture at the shores of Lake Huron/Bruce Trail

David B. Perry's "Bike Cult The Ultimate Guide to Human-Powered Vehicles" is a bicycle information tank. The author discusses the history of the bicycle, its use as a vehicle of transportation, competitive and recreational bicycling, the politics, the professional cyclists' diet...

Picture description: my Devinci at Dyer's Bay/Bruce Peninsula.

Excerpt from Perry's book:

"Bicycle eye: afflict cyclists today and is caused by a painful uncertainty whether to look for the arrival of the floor from the front, behind, or one side, and once fixed upon the countenance can never be removed. " P.165.

Massage is important for muscle recuperation, especially after a ride...The immune system is usually enhanced by cycling, yet the stresses of long distance cycling can weaken de body's defenses again bacteria and viruses (page 169).

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