I am quite comforable doing 45K/day (2hrs)- no effort required.
My goal this summer is to increase my distance from 65K to 100K/day; speed is not important but endurance is.

Week 1 (Toronto)
July 3: 50K
July 6: 40K
July 8: 68K (mild low-back tiredness)

Map: Humber River North West and riding on both branches. Starting at Yonge & Eglinton, northbound to Towntree Mills Park, southbound to Summerlea Park, northbound again to Humberwood Park and back.

Week 2 (Toronto)
July 11: 68K. Avg. speed 25K/hr; flat terrain
July 13: 80 K
Week 3 (in Tobermorey's Lion's Head)
July 18: 90 K
July 19: 1 hr walk
July 20: 50 K

Week 4
July 25: rest
July 27 : 1 hr/gym.
July 30: 85K

Week 5 (Kingston, ON)
Aug 2: 26K
Aug.6-7-8: Cyclon
Week 6
Aug 11: 41K
Aug 12 (last day before depature to Montreal!)

I never got to do 100K during my "training period". However, I did reach the 90K in one of my Cyclon days in Kingston. This reassures me and makes me think that I could do 10K more without a problem.

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