August 4-7, 2006

Day 1: 78K
Day 2: 94K
Day 3: 64K

Cyclon is a long-weekend event organized by the Toronto Bicycle Network. A fellow cyclist gave me a ride to Kingston. We are lodged at the grad student residences of the Queen's University campus. Cyclon worked out very well for me because it helped me to prepare for my big ride: Toronto-Montreal.
The Kingston area has tremendous hills, let alone  headwinds. The bandana I wear makes me look funny but it kept my head cool. It does feel different when you protect your head.

For the first time, I had the opportunity to live a "peloton" experience... very convenient on such a challenging landscape. The more experienced pelotons were arriving first; I imagine they have been in the business for what? ten years? My peloton encouraged me to keep up with their pace. However, at some point I got tired of the "peloton" pressure and went solo.

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