2007 Atlantic Canada 5-Day Tour

Picture: red sand beaches at Stanhope

Picture: garage door (Nova Scotia)

picture: riders in Summerside, PEI

Day 1
101 Km
Ride: Moncton-Confederation Bridge-Summerside
Level of difficulty: uhmmm...not difficult
hickup: thunder showers on Km 101, it was so cold and windy I couldn't finish the last 24 Km :(

Day 2
116 Km
Route: Summerside - Malpeque - Cavendish - Stanhope - Charlottetown
Simply put: gorgeous scenic hilly ride; would do it all over again.

Day 3
77 Km
Route: Charlottetown - Cherry Valley - Wood Islands - Pictou

Day 4
110 Km
Route: Pictou - Truro

Day 5
114 Km
Truro - Halifax

Picture: waiting to get on the ferry to Nova Scotia. Exciting moment!

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