2009: A bicycle ticket in Toronto

So I got a ticket because I didn't stop at the stop sign.

My first reaction was to want to run away screaming from the police officer. That, though, would have not been a good idea. I Stayed put, took the yellow ticket and digested it baby. But...on that same day I went to an office (can't remember where it is) and requested a dispute in court.

They told me that I would receive my court appointment in the mail. It arrived about six months later.

So I went to court in 2009. Before entering the court room I was asked if I wanted to plead guilty. And, I did. Once inside they called my name up. Thirty seconds later they let me go because the police officer did not show up.

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Chiara Kael said...

good luck fighting your waste of time ticket, it took me almost 2 years for me get a court date.. and the officer didn't show up..

go metro police!